Send Information To My Veterinarian Today

With MeasureON! your veterinarian will be alerted to any changes in your pet's health status while recovering in the hospital. This ensures your pet the safest recovery process while they are resting in the clinic. 

Request information to be sent to your veterinarian today if they do not use this technology to monitor patients so we can help them enhance their patient monitoring process during the most critical time in your pet's life. 

Vets Will Be Able To Remotely Monitor & Record Patient Health

  • While your pet is recovering from surgery
  • Without having to disrupt your pet
  • Noninvasively 

No more disruption of nervous, recovering patients to measure their vitals because MeasureON! monitors vitals and will alert your vet of health status changes.


Enhancing Patient Care

Improving Veterinary Practices

Helping Our Furry Friends