See MeasureON! In Action

Detect post-surgical complications faster. MeasureON! is the industry's first remote pet health monitor uniquely designed with the needs of veterinary professionals.

Schedule a 15-20 minute demo of MeasureON! and see how it can help you radically improve patient outcomes and help you enhance your clinic.

Remotely Monitor & Record Patient Health

  • Temperature 
  • Heart Rate
  • Respiratory Rate
  • Stream a live ECG
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No more disruption of nervous, recovering patients to measure their vitals because MeasureON! monitors vitals and will alert you of health status changes.




"MeasureON! is a great tool. It allows you to know about complications immediately to help prevent that patient from dying. This is simply by knowing right away if their health begins to decline."

- Jill López, DVM



About Your MeasureON! Demo


Fill out the form with your basic information so a VetMeasure sales representative can contact you to schedule a harness demonstration.


Confirm the demonstration time and meeting information sent by your VetMeasure sales representative. Please feel free to ask any initial questions at this time so they can be answered during your MeasureON! demonstration.


During the confirmed demonstration, our sales representative will review harnesses features and common use cases in a veterinary practice. You will have the option to view live data at this time and ask any questions you may have. We are excited to meet with you, let's get started!